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Access to greenspace is important for everyones health and well being.  Camberley and Frimley are one of the most built up areas of Surrey.  Unfortunately much of the local Greenspace is private or MOD land.  This leaves many of the remaining accessible sites under increasing pressure, with insufficient parking for the demand.  I will work to ensure there is suitable greenspace within a reasonable distance of everyones home, with better parking provision at the popular sites.


Surrey County Council owns some of the most important wildlife sites in Surrey, many of these sites are managed on behalf of the council, by Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT).  This organisation is a charity which depends on donations from the public, for its day to day running. Surrey County Council has recently cut its funding to the Trust for the management of its land.  This has led to SWT having to make redundancies and restructure its organisation.  I will work to ensure that these special sites are adeqatley funded and protected, by working with SWT and the Surrey County Council to find more workable solutions to funding the management and protection of these special sites.

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