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Here are some links that we have found to be very useful, hope you thinks so too.

WebSite Description
NNSS - GB non-native species secretariat

In 2008 a Strategy was developed to meet the challenge posed by invasive non-native species in Great Britain. This website provides tools and information for those working to support the strategy.


Invasive non-native plant species are a threat to native wildlife in the UK. Help them track them down.


The Environment Agency, the Nature Locator team at the University of Bristol and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have joined forces to help combat the spread of the UK’s most problematic invasive, non-native plant species.


Download their useful App from the site.

Invasive Species Legislation

As of April 2014 it is now illegal to sell certain invasive species under “The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (prohibition on Sale etc. of Invasive Non-native Plants) (England) Order 2014”.  This is due to their significant negative impacts on biodiversity and the economy. 

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