What We Offer

WildlifeInfo helps improve the environment by running events and providing advice on a wide range of environmental subjects, helping you to better understand the environment.


  • Giving talks on environmental subjects
  • Helping create Management Plans for sites
  • Running environmental and community events
  • Whittle and Spark: Working with children
  • Provide helpful information on a wide range of subjects
  • Run environmental Training Courses


Environmental Talks

WildlifeInfo talks are informative and entertaining, allowing everyone to learn and have fun.  We have delivered a wide range of talks covering subjects: Wildlife Site and Habitat Creation; Consertavation and Environmental Protection; Specialist (ecological) Talks and Overseas Wildlife.  We can also develop bespoke talks on the environmet.


Management Plans

WildlifeInfo can development detailed management plans for your site or simply give you advice and how to improve it.


Running Events

WildlifeInfo has experience of running events, training courses and conferences. 


Whittle & Spark

Whittle & Spark leads children outdoors to play; learn new skills; use tools; and develop communication with others as they tackle new challenges as a group. All activities WildlifeInfo participate in are in partnership with Whittle & Spark.


Wildlife Information

We are not called WildlifeInfo for nothing. Via the Information page on the website we will be providing information regarding places to see, "How To" guides, wildlife advice and much more. Frances will be regularly updating her blog on what's comming up, the wildlife in the area and her opinions of environmental issues of the day. Our Photography section show pictures of sites all over the world. 


Here is just a small selecion of what we can off you.

Wildlife Gardening

Gardens are often an important refuge for wildlife particularly in urban areas.   We can offer advice on how to improve your garden for wildlife.   It does not have to be costly, everyone can help their local wildlife with a few simple steps, contact us to find out more.


Churchyards and Cemeteries are important places of peace and reflection for the church goers, relatives of the deceased and local people who visit them.  We can help with advice on appropriate management of these sites, so that the rare plants can be allowed to flower and set seed.  

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows are a rare and threatened habitat.  We can offer advice on how to manage existing wildflower meadows and how to create new ones.   

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