Environmental Talks

We have over 10 years of experience in giving talks to a wide variety of audiences such as School Groups, Local Authority Officers, Community Groups, Day Centres, Gardening and Allotment Groups and Wildlife Groups.


WildlifeInfo talks are informative and entertaining, allowing everyone to learn and have fun.  


We can deliver a variety of talks for a nominal fee of £60 to cover costs and travelling expenses.


Most talks are for 40 minutes to one hour with time for questions afterwards. We are adaptable and if you wish us to speak for a longer or shorter period please let us know.


To book any of the talks below use the Contact Us page.



We can deliver the following talks :-

  • Churchyards a refuge for wildlife.
  • Pollination a partnership between wildlife and plants.
  • Wildflower Meadows why are they important and how to create them.
  • Identifying and controlling Non-Native Invasive Species.
  • Making your garden a haven for wildlife.
  • Wildlife of Surrey, Important Sites and Hidden Gems
  • Switzerland, Wildlife, Culture and Landscape
  • Australian Wildlife
  • Spring Flora of Spain and Morocco
  • The Woodland Trust





Wildlife Sites and Habitat Creation Talks

Environmental talks provided by our team of experts

Wildlife of Surrey, important sites and hidden gems.

We have lived in Surrey for 17 years now and have got to know a lot of wildlife sites, some of them are well known, but there are many hidden gems, sites which are known only to the local residents. This talk will highlight some of the most important and interesting sites and what wildlife is to be found there.

Wildlife Gardening why is it important?

We are keen gardeners and for the past 17 years have managed our own wildlife garden.  We have given numerous talks on the subject and are currently running a 4 week outdoor course on Wildlife gardening.  This talk focuses on what you can do in your own garden to help wildlife, starting with the plants to grow, how to attract birds and help our bees, and other pollinators.  The talk also includes looking after our threatened hedgehog population

Creating Wildflower Meadows

This talk highlights the many different kinds of wildflower meadows, depending on the soil type, drainage and aspect.  It explains why wildflower meadows are important and how to create your own wildflower meadows.

Conservation and Environment Protection

Environmental talks provided by our team of experts

The Woodland Trust

As a volunteer speaker for the Woodland Trust as part of their “Talking Trees Project”, I give talks on the origin and fantastic work of the woodland Trust.

Non-Native Invasive Species

Why are they a problem? Cost to the UK economy, Legislation, Identification and control. How can you help?

Churchyards, a refuge for wildlife.

Living Churchyards,managing churchyards for wildlife whilst balancing the needs of the bereaved and other churchyard users.

Specialist Talks

Environmental talks provided by our team of experts

Pollination how plants and wildlife have adapted for mutual benefit.

We give talks on how plants and animals have evolved together for mutual benefit, and how important bees and other pollinators are for are environment and ultimately are own survival.

Community engagement – keeping your group thriving

We have over 12 years of experience working with environmental and community groups.  This talk explores some of the lessons we have learnt, and using actual examples, gives advice on how to start up a community group and keep it thriving and sustainable. 

Building a Sustainable Future


Overseas Flora and Wildlife

Environmental talks provided by our team of experts

Wildlife and Flora of Switzerland

We lived in Switzerland for 18 months and during this time we travelled extensively and have built up a large photographic library concentrating particularly on Alpine Swiss flowers.   See our photographic section. 

Wildlife of Australia

We were lucky enough to spend 5 weeks in Australia in 2009.  We took many photos of the unique and fascinating plants and animals in Australia and Papua New Guinea.  See our photographic section.

Wildlife of Morocco 

We repeatedly visit Morocco and have lots of photographs o share, particularly of the spring flowers. See our photographic section

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