Dear Fellow Resident,


Living in the local community I understand the issues facing local residents. I am standing as an Independent Councillor so that I can put local residents’ needs first. My allegiance will always be to the local community I serve and not to any party.  Having had a varied career I am uniquely qualified to understand the issues facing education, planning, waste, community care and the environment. I am better able to understand what effects any budget cuts will have on services, organisations and you. 


These are challenging times with hard decisions to be made due to funding cuts, I will fight to ensure that the right decisions are made, giving value for money and protecting local services. I will strive to find novel solutions and partnership working to make the most of available funds.


I am not standing as a Councillor to better my career, or to improve my business interests, but to give something back to society.  I feel strongly that the needs of everyone in society should be understood, represented and where possible met.


If elected I will do everything in my power to help everyone in the local community and will work hard to represent your interests.  I will work to protect the character of the area, keeping Camberley and Frimley a safe, clean and pleasant place to live.


I ask you please to vote for me as an Independent, so I can represent your interests to the best of my ability. I will listen to and represent all local residents regardless of status, ethnicity and political persuasion.


Please do contact me if you have any further issues which you think should be addressed.


Yours Sincerely                       

Frances Halstead                 



Explore Frances's Manifesto

Surrey County Council

I oppose the continued inefficiency and waste at Surrey County Council. I will push for a slim-lined senior management structure, a cut in the £13m currently spent on Agency Staff  and a more open and accessible County Council.

Making our Lives Better

I will work towards providing improved parking in the area. Building works in Frimley, has put pressure on local roads with builders and contractors parking all day outside residents homes, double parking making the roads impassable for emergency vehicles and posing a risk to all. I will work to establish a solution to this problem (with residents parking and a 2 hour parking limit for non residents).


Constant roadworks are stopping us getting around. Surrey is plagued with road works particularly on the M3 and A331.  Too often no proper alternative route is available, and when it is, it also has roadworks.  I will work to ensure that where roadworks have to go ahead, they are co-ordinated, so adequate alternative routes are available.

Working for our Children

Keeping our Youth active: It is important for young people’s health and well being to be active and meet others of their own age. There is a lack of resources in the Frimley and Camberley area for teenagers.  I will work to find the funding and political will for a skate park and other resources.


I believe that every child deserves a good Education,  no matter where they live or where they come from.  I will work to ensure that all schools get fair and adequate funding, making the most of the available resources.


Bullying of children in schools, can leave the victim suffering for years with low self esteem. I will work to ensure that schools have appropriate and workable bullying policies, and reported incidents are taken seriously.

Working for Older Residents

I want to Improve Adult Social Care for residents of Frimley and Camberley. With an aging population there is an increasing need for social care, putting a strain on scarce funding resources in Surrey.


Reduced investment in preventative services is also leaving many providers of social care, facing financial difficulties.


For both these issues I will work with Surrey County Council, local community, voluntary sectors and private providers to develop an integrated healthcare  system with organisations working together to solve the crisis.

Environmental Issues

Waste management: I will work towards making it easier  to recycle for residents.  The problem of fly tipping also needs addressing.  The cost of clearing it wastes funds which could be used for helping people in more positive ways. I will also look to improve the recycling of bulky household items and a reduction in cost for businesses.


Looking after the environment: Camberley and Frimley is one of the most built up areas of Surrey. with much of the local Greenspace under increasing pressure with insufficient parking for the demand. I will work to ensure that existing green space is protected with better access and parking. 


Surrey County Council owns some of the most important wildlife sites in Surrey. I will work to see that these sites are properly protected and managed.

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